Knowledgeable Oklahoma City Personal Injury Mediator

William (Bill) Greenwood focuses exclusively on helping disputing parties resolve their legal differences outside of court. He provides high-quality alternative dispute resolution services, including mediation, to people involved in personal injury disputes.

As an Oklahoma City personal injury mediator, he is able to help with matters related to personal injury cases. He offers neutral guidance to those who want to find a more efficient way to resolve their personal injury case.

Mediation is a less expensive, more efficient, and highly effective process readily available to achieve the desired and voluntary outcome for those involved in a personal injury dispute. It lacks the time and risk associated with a trial and offers a number of benefits that greatly outweigh litigation.

Experienced Oklahoma City Personal Injury Mediator

Mediation is one of the most valuable tools available for resolving personal injury disputes. The process brings together all of the parties involved in the dispute and enables them to consider all possible outcomes. It allows parties to find the most efficient means by which to resolve the dispute and it prevents a great deal of the hassle and hardship that is so often a part of litigated personal injury disputes.

Mediation provides a number of benefits for everyone involved in a dispute. In most cases, it makes resolving a dispute less expensive and it takes less time. It is a confidential process, so unlike court proceedings, everything that is said during mediation does not become a matter of public record.

Mediation also puts those most affected by the outcome of a dispute in charge of the resolution. Parties are able to explore their options, evaluate the pros and cons of each potential resolution, and decide together what will satisfy both sides. This control is something that parties sacrifice when they use litigation to resolve a personal injury dispute.

Contact an Experienced Oklahoma Personal Mediator for Help Resolving Your Dispute

Bill Greenwood’s focus is always on helping clients resolve their personal injury dispute in the best way possible. He provides custom-tailored mediation services that are designed to help you with even the most complicated personal injury issue in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Bill’s more than 30 years of experience as a trial lawyer representing individuals and companies in a wide variety of civil lawsuits makes him the ideal resource for helping to resolve these matters outside of the courtroom.

For more than 10 years Bill has been retained by top lawyers and law firms to serve as a mediator and he has focused exclusively on mediation and arbitration since 2012. He is certified as a mediator and draws upon his experience in litigation, trial and appellate cases in the areas of insurance defense, personal injury, and wrongful death, damage to property, employment law, insurance claims and disputes.

Bill is able to assist people in Oklahoma City and throughout the state of Oklahoma with their mediation needs. For more information or to schedule a consultation with Bill, contact him at 405-642-0181 or by email at


Oklahoma City Personal Injury Mediator