Edmond, Oklahoma Mediator

Are you involved in a legal dispute? Are you hoping to find a way to resolve the dispute without the expense and frustration of litigation?

An Edmond, Oklahoma mediator can help.

Mediation Provides a Path to Resolution

Mediation provides a more peaceful path to a resolution. It brings everyone involved in a dispute together to discuss the issue and explore all potential solutions. It is a way to end the dispute, but also offers a tool for truly resolving the issue at hand. Those who use mediation to resolve legal disputes often find their relationships preserved and their ability to move forward possible.

The benefits of mediation are vast. It is often a less expensive option for parties involved in a legal dispute because it avoids the long, drawn-out ordeal of litigation. In some cases, parties will work only with the mediator and represent themselves, which means they are not forced to pay attorney’s fees.

Mediation also provides non-fiduciary benefits. It gives control to those most affected by the outcome of a dispute – the parties directly involved. Mediation is a voluntary process and everyone involved must be willing to negotiate and accept whatever resolution comes from the process. An Edmond, Oklahoma mediator only oversees the process and is not authorized to issue rulings, as would be the case in litigation and some other forms of alternative dispute resolution. This means the people who must live with the resolution are the ones designing it.

Mediation is also confidential. Regardless whether a satisfactory resolution is achieved, parties agree to keep the discussions private. This means the process is not a matter of public record and everyone involved is free to speak openly and honestly about their concerns. This is one of the many reasons it can be easier to reach a mutually beneficial resolution through mediation and why it is easier to preserve relationships when problems arise.

Mediation is Versatile

Mediation can be used in a variety of situations. It can be ideal for resolving family and business law issues – to fields where it is especially important to protect important relationships. But it can also be beneficial in personal injury law and other areas, and often provides a path to resolution that is better for both parties.

Edmonton, Oklahoma Mediator Offers a Peaceful Path to Resolution

The key to a successful mediation is an experienced mediator. A skilled Edmond, Oklahoma mediator keeps the discussion on track and ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. They help parties examine the pros and cons to possible solutions, and help them understand how it can be beneficial to keep the dispute out of the courtroom.

If you are in need of an experienced mediator in Edmond, Oklahoma, William Greenwood can help. William has been assisting people with resolving their legal disputes for many years. He is able to explain the benefits of mediation and help parties understand how mediation can make their situation better. He understands how important it is to have an alternative to litigation and to ensure that alternative is implemented whenever possible.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of mediation or you are ready to schedule a consultation with William, contact him at (405) 642-0181 or by email at mediation@billgreenwoodlaw.com.


“Bill did a great job getting a difficult case with lots of parties and coverage issues settled. He worked with all of the parties to diligently explore various mechanisms that ultimately allowed everyone to get to “yes” which is the mark of a truly excellent mediator.”.

Jeff Hoffman

Mar 22 2018

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